Patient Testimonials | Cadava Chiropractic


For the past 17 years, my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Kristy Cadava, and we wouldn't go anywhere else for our chiropractic care. Each of us went to Dr. Cadava with a different kind of problem. One of us has had previous back injuries and spinal damage, and the other has had issues with gait and balance. With her expertise and her caring, personalized approach, Dr. Cadava has always been able to tailor our treatments to our special needs - and adapt and change the treatments as needed over time . To us, that's what excellent chiropractic care is all about!  
Phyllis Y.  
San Diego, CA

Dr. Cadava has been my chiropractor since 2007. Because her medical knowledge covers a variety of areas such as vehicle & work related accidents, martial arts, gymnastics and body building, she has no problem understanding how you may have tweaked or pulled something, no matter how you describe it. Even if you just need a tune-up, I highly recommend you visit Dr. Cadava and her professional staff. Dr. Cadava’s got my back…let her have yours too!
Kevan T.
San Diego, CA


Dr. Cadava is an awesome chiropractor who has kept me able to do “life” for several years now. I had a childhood sports injury that has been a problem for 50 years. Her ability to put my body back into place after I do those “guy things” is a blessing (macho makes me do it). Every patient of hers loves her.
Lewis B.
San Diego, CA