Physiotherapy | Cadava Chiropractic


physiotherapyDr. Cadava provides a variety of services to help you identify and reach your wellness goals. First and foremost is the collaboration between doctor and patient. Identifying an accurate diagnosis is crucial to designing a treatment plan which will accomplish shared goals. This includes manipulation, education and physiotherapy.

There are a variety of physiotherapy modalities that can help injuries by strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion, decreasing inflammation, decreasing muscle spasms and decreasing pain. Types of physiotherapy may include electrical stimulation, traction, hot & cold packs, exercise and rehabilitation.

Research clearly demonstrates that patients who include exercise as part of their treatment approach have better outcomes than those who don’t. Some patients need only a few simple stretches or exercises, while others may need a very specific rehabilitation program tailored to their specific needs.

Some of our patients need only a few chiropractic adjustments to resolve their problem while others may require more care including ergonomic advice and a structured rehabilitation program to overcome chronic injuries.

At Cadava Chiropractic, we provide a number of treatment approaches depending on your specific needs. We’ll carefully evaluate your condition and help you find the combination of treatment approaches to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.